A program aimed at giving low income children a head start before they enter the school system has been taken away from a local First Nations group.

The Kids First program was being administered by the Regina Circle Project, but at the end of this month it is losing over $400,000 in funding. On Wednesday, program staff had to go door to door informing the over thirty families that receive assistance that the program has lost its funding and will end on Friday.

Ann Perry, who works at the Circle Project says they had no idea this was about to happen. "We are still in disbelief, shock.I've never seen anything like this."

But the Health Region says this week's events have been a long time coming. Further, they say the funding is not cancelled. Low income parents will still have access to supports, just not at the Circle Project.

Heidi Fisher-Phillips says the money is just being shifted. "This is not a cost cutting measure. We are just moving the resources to another agency."

It has all left the parents who rely on the service at a loss. Many parents said they have forged relationships with councilors at the Circle Project, and are reluctant to start over elsewhere.

Jenny Strongeagle is one of those parents. She says that the program is more than just funding. "It's not just about the program. You get close to the people, you trust them."

The health region refuses to say what their problem with the Circle Project is. But the numbers show that the program was receiving $442,000 a year, yet providing support for only 32 families. That works out to just under $14,000 per family. The project itself admits that was an issue, and was in the process of taking on more clients when their funding was cut off.