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Archery Canada hosts annual Regional Indoor Championships


Archers from across Canada are competing in the Regional Indoor Championships in Regina this weekend.

The Frontier Bowmen are hosting the championships at their club until Sunday with dozens participating.

This year, participants competed on a single 18 M range, aiming to shoot at the smallest ring on the target.

“There are all kinds of bows. You have your compound bow, you have your traditional bow that you would see mostly in textbooks ranging in different variety and competition level and essentially we are trying to hit the littlest ring on the targets,” said participant Payton Selinger.

Selinger has been with the club for about eight years and has participated in the championship games ever since.

Participant Grace Trevena said she enjoys the community that comes with events like this one.

“We’ve got a really great group around here and we see each other like once or twice a week. We are always together practicing and training so it’s nice to get to shoot together and try and do as best as we can and cheer each other on,” she said.

The prize at the end of the championships is a medal to take home and of course, bragging rights. Top Stories

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