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'More allies than we thought': Regina project focusing on truth and reconciliation bringing people together


A month-long project at Regina’s Neil Balkwell Civid Arts Centre focused on truth and reconciliation known as “Igniting the Spirit of Reconciliation: 94 Calls to Action” is coming to a close.

The final event titled, “Sacred Treaty Relationships,” focused on the signing of the numbered treaties and their relation to all Canadians.

Presenter Susan Beaudin, said it is an important part of history and a key piece of information that is key to reconciliation.

“The treaties are important today because they are still in effect. [The treaties] were made so we would have peaceful relationships with one another,” Beaudin said.

The major project brings attention to the 94 calls to action, the policy recommendations meant to begin aiding the generations of damage done by the Indian residential school system.

Organizers feel the messages delivered and the information presented throughout the month went well.

“A lot of people that came were non-Indigenous and they want to learn more. I think we got a lot more allies than we thought and I think we can work with that,” Beaudin said.

The project will be on display until Feb. 29. Top Stories

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