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New art exhibit in Regina celebrates famous stars and characters


A new art exhibit celebrating famous stars, as well as literary characters and their stories, is now on display at the Regina Public Library (RPL).

Movie stars, musicians, and historical figures are just some of the many faces being featured in a collection of around 50 paintings, which is on display in the Creation Cube at the George Bothwell library.

“Look in a Book: Make a Mark,” is an art project by the Ranch Ehrlo Society in partnership with the RPL. The project is now in its third year.

“The participants got to choose a subject matter they were working on. We used multiple mediums like spray paint, bingo dabbers and markers. Anything you could think of, we used it,” Dustin Ritter, the art facilitator of the Ranch Ehrlo Society, said.

The entire project has been in the works since September. Every Tuesday, participants would meet to continue working on art pieces. Nearly all of them were a team effort to create.

The organizers said art is an excellent outlet which is a great addition to anyone’s lifestyle.

“It’s really an opportunity for them to participate, enrich their lives and bring a bit of that art and showcase their talents,” Natalie Huber, the CEO of Ranch Ehrlo Society, said.

The exhibit will be on display until April 30.

In previous years, the art pieces have gone up for bidding in a silent auction. All pieces not bought went to people who put the most work into them. Top Stories

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