Two new hockey programs are coming to Regina this fall.

One is called HEROS, and will be partnering with the North Central Family Centre to provide access to hockey for kids who can't afford it.

Parents with kids in a school in the north central region can speak to staff to be referred to the program. The free program runs for 25 weeks, and kids will be provided with equipment, as well as a healthy snack.

"We pick them up right after school, transport them to the rink. Feed them when they get there. Get them on the ice. And then we transport them home after,” HEROS Executive Director Kevin Hodgson said.

The other program known as Super HEROS will be offered for free to kids ages 7 to 17 with physical and cognitive challenges who can't play hockey in the conventional setting.

"In Western Canada, so Manitoba and west... There's nowhere for kids with physical and cognitive challenges to play ice hockey. And so the gap was there, so we had to make a decision. Do we wait for somebody else to do it, or do we do it ourselves,” HEROS Executive Director Kevin Hodgson said.

Parents can sign their child up for the Super HEROS program online.

"These families have been looking for a place for these kids to play for a long time. And what we learned was there is nothing Manitoba and west in Canada. So let’s fill that gap and let’s provide them a place to play,” HEROS executive director Kevin Hodgson said.

HEROS and Super HEROS are run mostly by volunteers, and aims to teach life-skills and empower marginalized youth through hockey. The HEROS program is also looking for any volunteers to help out in the fall.