A new music video posted on YouTube by Visit Norway pokes fun at the moose feud between Norway and Moose Jaw.

The video begins with historical footage of Moose Jaw’s Mac the Moose before showing children doing a moose dance in front of the Norwegian moose.

It also features Saskatchewan’s Justin Reves and Greg Moore, who started the debate over social media, dancing in front of Mac, and the media frenzy surrounding the feud.

The video ends with a dictionary definition of “truce.”

It is set to the music of “Moose Truce (Make Moose, Not War)” by Norwegian musicians Ganic and Vimarida. The song was released last week.

Halifax artist Dave Carroll released “No Way Norway” in response to Norway’s song, saying he wants Mac to reclaim the title of World’s Tallest Moose. Norway took the title from Mac in 2015, building a moose 30 centimetres taller.