There are more than 200 Airbnb listings in the city of Regina, but according to the city — most aren’t properly registered.

There is a city bylaw that requires all Airbnb locations to be registered as “short-term accommodation,” which notifies the city of the discretionary use of the land. Short-term accommodation users are charged a one-time fee of $2,500 for processing the application. Once approved, the applicant can go about their business without a commercial business licence.

There are 220 Airbnb listings in Regina; the city says it only has one active applicant.

“We haven’t processed any applications with respect to discretionary use for short-term accommodation,” Fred Searle from the city said. “We do have one application that is currently in focus right now that we will be bringing forward in the fall.”

Sharlene Holliday registered herself as an Airbnb host more than a year ago. She didn’t know she needed to consult with the city, and she feels she shouldn’t have to.

“It’s my own home,” she told CTV News Friday. “I feel that what I choose to do in my own home is in my own home. I’m not doing anything that would be considered illegal. I’m just sharing my space.”

The city says it will investigate any complaints it receives about short-term accommodation. It wants to start with awareness and education, while urging Airbnb hosts to apply for full city approval.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Madina Azizi