REGINA -- The Regina Airport Authority says it's confident in its precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, after two flights from Calgary and Toronto landed at the Regina International Airport with now confirmed cases of the virus.

“Whether there was COVID-19 that we find out about a week after that it occurred, that entire time the terminal building has been routinely cleaned numerous times to again reduce that spread," said James Bogusz, the president and CEO of the RAA.

Provincial health officials advise anyone on an impacted flight to self-monitor for two weeks in case of any possible symptoms.

Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said the risk of transmission on airplanes is low thanks to the many precautions in place for those travelling.

“It is incumbent of anyone who travels domestically, internationally to go to the provincial and federal website where flights are posted. Two weeks after air travel, every two or three days, go online to check," Shahab said Tuesday.

Transmission is not believed to have occurred on any of the affected flights.

Nationally at least 26 international and domestic flights have landed at Canadian airports with cases of COVID-19, but not every province has announced specifics on flights to the public.

At the Regina airport, sanitizing stations are in place throughout the terminal building along with physical distancing and other precautions, all of which are well advertised.

“A big change for the arrival of any of our guests coming on any airline is they’re going to notice a lot of signage encouraging them again to wear a mask or face covering if they’re unable to social distance," Bogusz said.

Bogusz added the number of air travellers is starting to rise, meaning many of the current precautions could become all the more important as the downturn in travel caused by the pandemic begins to lessen.