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Regina Humane Society forced to euthanize 10 dogs after 26 animals found in 'deplorable' conditions


The Regina Humane Society (RHS) says 10 of 26 dogs that were recently saved from “deplorable” living conditions had to be euthanized after they were alerted of the situation from a concerned member of the public.

According to a news release, on May 15 RHS’s animal protection officers and Regina police found 17 adult dogs and nine puppies living in crowded housing and covered in dirt, urine and feces.

Throughout the next few hours the animals were moved to the humane society’s Animal Care Centre where they were examined by veterinary staff, the release said.

After being examined, it was determined that humane euthanasia was necessary for 10 of the dogs, RHS added.

“The dogs were of various mixed breeds and appeared to have been living in the unsanitary conditions for an extended period of time due to the large build up of excrement that was present. Many of the dogs were displaying signs of extreme fear and mental or physical injury,” the release said.

The dogs were cleaned and groomed to remove matting and feces from their fur and also had debris removed from their ears, eyes, nose and throats, the humane society said.

RHS executive director Lisa Koch called the situation an incredibly sad one.

“This is an incredibly sad situation all round. These dogs were getting only the mere basics of some food and water, but their other needs such as socialization and a clean and healthy living environment were not being met,” Koch said in the release.

(Regina Humane Society)

RHS said it is expected the remaining dogs will soon be available for adoption and added that because an investigation is still underway, no further comments would be made on any potential actions that could be taken as a result of the discovery.

RHS also did not specify the location the dogs were found. Top Stories

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