REGINA -- A month ago Matthew Cardinal was heading into the Regina ICU where he would be put on life support. On Sunday he’s still recovering from COVID-19, but faces new challenges from the virus.

"I was in ICU a month ago now, I’m feeling great I woke up and I was smiling and grateful, happy to be alive,” Cardinal, 34, said.

The road to this point wasn't an easy one, he said.

In March, Cardinal was rushed to hospital after having trouble breathing. Not long after, he was sedated and put on life support.

After a few difficult weeks he was taken off his breathing tube and was released from hospital at the beginning of April.

Cardinal is now walking and breathing on his own, but faces new challenges in his recovery daily.

"I have shaky hands and I’m hoping I can get rid of that because being in the service industry I need to get my hands not to shake,” he said. “My heart randomly races to 140, 150 and I’ve been talking to a lot of COVID-19 long haulers and it’s more of a common thing.”

Cardinal has a blood clot in his lung left from the virus, and his experience in the ICU continues to haunt him.

"My mental health has been good, I have to remind myself to be grateful that I’m alive. But what I’ve been through was traumatic and I have to work my way out of that and try to do things to help others.”

After fighting for his life, Cardinal hopes he can help people to understand the severity of COVID-19.

“Everyone is sick of these lockdowns and everything, I know everyone has got fatigue but don't let your guard down, it’s very serious. If you actually walked through the ICUs and saw what we experience you would give your head a shake.”

Cardinal's new goal is to be able to walk around Wascana Lake and to thank all the health care worker's who helped him recover.