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Regina water main break leaves behind 'dangerous' ice build-up


Residents in Regina's North Central neighbourhood are voicing safety concerns after a water main break resulted in icy sidewalk and road conditions.

Trevor Thibaut lives in one of the buildings nearby with his girlfriend and says the slippery sidewalk along with the ruts created in the road are dangerous.

“I am worried about my girlfriend breaking her hip because she already has a broken foot,” Thibaut said. “If she falls again she’s out of work for the next six months.”

Thibaut recently moved to the area after from his last apartment — next to a building that exploded in November due to a gas leak.

He now rents a new place from his sister hoping for a fresh start, however he now has to take extra precaution when leaving his home.

“It is dangerous and it flowed into the road, so the ruts in the road are just as bad as the sidewalk,” Robin Fuchs, who owns the property said.

A City of Regina bylaw states residents must clear their sidewalks of snow and ice no more than 48 hours after a snowfall event.

However, because these conditions were caused by a water main break, Fuchs said the city should take some responsibility for the cleanup.

“It isn’t reasonable to ask a homeowner or a tenant to try and chip out six or eight inches of ice for five houses,” Fuchs said.

In a statement to CTV News, the City of Regina said a service request was made Thursday and the city is now working with residents to have their vehicles moved so graders can safely clear the area.

“This is just a safety issue, it does not matter if you are homeowner or a renter if you are in North Central or Harbour Landing,” Fuchs said. “This is unreasonable and unacceptable.” Top Stories

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