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Regina woman shares special connection to previous homeowners through items left behind


Deanne Schildroth recently became a first time homebuyer in Regina. It’s a fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

“I always said that if I ever get a house, I want a square with a triangle on top. Just seeing all these cute little details, all the original character details, it’s just in an adorable little location,” she said.

After taking possession of the home, Schildroth said she found some items that had been left, which belonged to the previous owners.

“There was a really lovely letter kind of outlining the history of the house and the original occupants. There was a beautiful original watercolour painting by the original owner. A piece of pottery. A really cute photo album with some photos of the original owners, kind of through the years in the home,” she explained.

The previous owners were Kay and Cliff Bould, who moved into the home in 1949.

Eventually they passed it onto Janet Craig, a family friend, who took care of the property until this year.

“The home itself was always inviting, always welcome. She kept it clean, always kept it clean and when I inherited this house, I had no plans to change it at all. I was doing it for Kay,” Craig said.

Craig began renting the home in 1996. Unbeknownst to her, 27 years later, the buyer of the home would share some special connections to Kay, such as a passion for art and gardening. They even share the same birthday.

Further to that, Craig told CTV News when she was cleaning out the house, she found a 1980 dime on the floor, which is the same year Schildroth was born.

“I feel a real connection to her life. I really feel like we are kindred spirits,” Schildroth said.

Craig also wanted to sell the home by Cliff’s birthday, March 29. Schildroth took possession of the property on March 25.

“Kay would love this. Kay would love someone that is going to come in and look after her garden, it was so important to her and knowing now that she wants to keep it vintage, that’s even better,” Craig added.

While Schildroth begins the process of renovating the home and moving in, she and Craig said they plan to keep in touch, all while keeping the Bould’s story alive.

“I am going to pop in and say, ‘Hey, I am here, let’s have a cup of tea,’ because that’s what Kay would have done,” Craig said. Top Stories

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