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'Safe and supported': John Howard Society opens new youth centre


Regina youth now have access to a new drop in centre after $165,000 in funding from the provincial government.

The Ministry of Social Services, Regina Youth Advisory Team and the John Howard Society joined forces to bring the centre located at 1801 Toronto Street to fruition.

“The drop-in centre is something that the community has needed for a long time,” Youth Advisor Amy-Louise explained. “It’s a place where youth come to feel safe and supported.”

The facility is intended to provide a safe space for youth in a variety of ways. From homework help, to healthy food, to fitness equipment, the purpose of the space is to provide supports for youths in the community.

The programs and supports offered by the centre were curated with the help of youth advisors, many of whom expressed that a space like the new centre would have made a difference if it was available during their youth.

“I think it makes very good sense that you’d talk to people that have been through various things in their lives and maybe had involvement in child and family or whatever it may have been,” Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky commented.

“Somewhere that they can go to if things are bad and they can’t stay in whatever environment they’re in,” Amy-Louise said.

“That they’ve always got somewhere that they can go back to.”

The facility is now fully operational, open Monday to Friday, 5:00 to 10:30 p.m. Top Stories

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