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Sask. NDP questions make-up of Saskatchewan's delegation to COP28 conference


The Saskatchewan NDP is questioning the make-up of Saskatchewan’s delegation to the COP28 conference in Dubai.

Premier Scott Moe and Saskatchewan’s 52 delegates leave for Dubai this weekend. Those invited to accompany the Premier are paying their own travel expenses but will have use of the province’s $756,000 pavilion.

The NDP say nearly half of Saskatchewan delegation has no connection to the province.

“Scott Moe’s trip to Dubai is not as advertised,” NDP MLA and Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young said in a media release on Friday.

“The Premier justified this $765,000 event space as an opportunity to sell Saskatchewan's story to overseas investors. I think a lot of people are now scratching their heads wondering how footing the bill to promote the University of Guelph or some big-name Calgary law firm will help us sell more Saskatchewan products.”

“We’re always going to work, and in this case, we have a footprint in a pavilion, we’ve made that investment,” Moe said.

Several foreign governments have been offered use of meeting space at the Saskatchewan pavilion. They are Japan, Norway, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia. Top Stories

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