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Sask. police seize 1.5M pieces of evidence, lay 60 more charges in child exploitation case


Warning: Some readers may find details in this story disturbing.

A historic sexual assault investigation involving a home-based daycare in Saskatchewan has led to the discovery of crimes against children as young as 18 months dating back to 2005, RCMP say.

Richard Dyke, 47, was taken into custody in November of 2023 following a report of alleged historical sexual assaults against three male youths under the age of 12.

Dyke was arrested after RCMP executed a search warrant at a licensed home-based daycare in Assiniboia, Sask. The daycare was operated by his spouse and based out of Dyke’s home, according to police.

A total of 24 terabytes worth of electronic device were seized as a result of the search.

“The magnitude of this investigation has proven significant. Investigators have analyzed over 1.5 million pieces of digital evidence,” RCMP Chief Superintendent Ted Munro told reporters at a news conference on Tuesday.

“If you were to take that evidence that we located and spread it out, it would equate to a six storey building.”

Since November, RCMP have identified 29 additional victims – all youth between the ages of 18 months and 17 years of age. The majority of the victims were male.

The alleged offences occurred as far back as 2005 and continued until November of 2020.

Investigators determined that the victims came into contact with Dyke through various relationships.

In addition to childcare provided within his residence, RCMP said Dyke “attended” daycares in Coronach, Swift Current and Assiniboia.

Additionally, the communities of Tisdale, Estevan, and Gravelboug were all said to be affected, according to RCMP.

The accused also served as an instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets where he primarily interacted with children.

However, no victims have been identified in relation to his role with the cadets, according to RCMP.

Munro told reporters that Dyke’s spouse is cooperating with the investigation.

“At this time, there is no evidence that suggests that the spouse was aware what was taking place," he explained.

The accused has remained in custody since his arrest.

On May 13, Dyke was officially charged with the 60 additional counts. They include 14 counts of sexual assault, 14 counts of sexual interference, nine counts of voyeurism and 23 counts of making child pornography.

Munro said the investigation is ongoing, and police are still searching for additional victims.

“The whole reason why we’re here today is to see if there are other victims,” he told reporters.

“We’re sharing Richard Dyke’s photo today to encourage those who may have additional information or who believe they or their child may be a victim, to contact their local police.”

Due to Dyke's connections with a licensed daycare and the cadets, RCMP has notified Saskatchewan's Ministry of Education, and the Department of National Defence of the investigation.

RCMP said it will not be able to share any additional details to protect the privacy of victims and the integrity of the investigation, according to Munro.

Dyke is set to make his next appearance in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on June 4.

Assiniboia, Sask. is located approximately 180 kilometres southwest of Regina. Top Stories

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