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Saskatchewan Roughriders apologize to fans for 'Girl Math' ad


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are apologizing for an email sent to season ticket holders that the club admits “missed the mark.”

The emailed ad publicized season tickets for the Riders’ upcoming season and referenced a popular social media trend that wasn’t well received.

“Girl math is when cheaper drinks = free drinks,” the email’s subject line read.

“Proficient in Girl Math. It’s Basically Free,” the message read in part.

"Take the stairs. Earn the seltzers" as well as "Literally the best excuse for cute matching outfits” were other phrases featured in the ad.

The term “Girl Math” has gained popularity on TikTok as a humorous way females use to justify spending habits.

The club issued a follow up email on Wednesday, apologizing for the ad.

“Yesterday the Saskatchewan Roughriders sent an email to members of the fan base that missed the mark,” the message read.

“We emailed them again [today] unequivocally apologizing for it.”

Many in the Riders’ fan base took to social media to call the ad “misogynistic,” saying it refers to toxic diet culture.

In a statement to CTV News, the club referred to the fact that its staff is 50 per cent women and went on to say that “the ‘girl math’ email was imagined, developed and deployed by women within our marketing team.”

The club went on to say it will use the experience as a learning opportunity to do better in the future.

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