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Saskatchewan's first tornado of 2024 confirmed


The “Land of Living Skies” experienced its first tornado of 2024 - with an EF-0 twister touching down near Saltcoats, Sask. last week.

The confirmation was released Tuesday by the Northern Tornadoes Project.

The tornado touched down at 1:51 p.m. on June 12 and had an estimated max wind speed of 115 km/h.

The twister’s track length was reported as 630 metres while the max path width was 290 metres.

The Project said the most severe damage was contained to a rural yard located approximately eight kilometres northeast of the community of nearly 500 residents.

The Saltcoats tornado was one of six recorded that day – the other five being touching down in Manitoba. Centralized near Spruce Woods Provincial Park and Saint Alphonse, Man. the twisters ranged from EF0 to EF1.

A funnel cloud near Saltcoats, Sask. was confirmed to be the province's first tornado of the year. Pictured is the damage it left behind. (Courtesy: Northern Tornadoes Project) Top Stories


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