The controversial film “Unplanned” is being screened in Regina on Friday and some residents are organizing a protest, calling for the theatre to pull the film.

"It's really not about converting anyone to our belief system,” said Elisabeth Girard, who is protesting the movie. “It's really not about pro-choice, it's really about protecting a shared sense of reality and facts for our community. I really respect people who are on the other side of this debate, I respect their right to those beliefs I just think they also have a right to make those conclusions based on facts."

The film is an anti-abortion movie about a former employee of Planned Parenthood and her experiences.

A group in Regina is organizing a protest for Friday evening outside the Normanview Cineplex theatre where the movie will be played. Girard is taking part in the protest because she doesn’t agree with the film’s content and feels it attacks Planned Parenthood. When Girard was 22, she became pregnant and chose to stay pregnant.

"Knowing that I did have that option, even though I wasn't going to take it, it meant a lot for me that my autonomy as a person was being respected," said Girard.

While pregnant, Girard said she reached out to Planned Parenthood because her family doesn’t live in the province. She said she felt supported with her choice to stay pregnant and also felt that same support when she miscarried.

"They really tried to make sure I had all the best supports that I could have as someone who didn’t naturally have that network here in the city,” said Girard. “I think the work that they do is so instrumental and that are so many people who rely on it and it has nothing to do with pro-choice or pro-life at all."

The film’s content has been raising red flags as many people say some of the claims in the movie are factually incorrect.

"They shouldn’t be giving this propaganda a platform and they shouldn’t be profiting from a protected right in Canada,” said Girard.

The movie is being screened in theatres across the country but some theatres that were originally planning on showing the film have since pulled it.

Cineplex’s president posted an open letter on Facebook to tell people why the company decided to screen the movie “Unplanned.”

“I understand and can appreciate the concerns about the film, but it is up to each of us to decide whether or not we want to see it. In Canada, we have that options and I think it is an important thing to remember.”

The Saskatchewan pro-life association supports the film and says people should have the choice whether they want to see it or not.

"If they want to protest it, they can protest it, it's a free country,” said Valerie Hettrick of the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association. “If you don’t want to see it, that is your choice, your decision, but if other people want to see it that should be their choice and their decision."