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Students given first-hand look at farm life at Norquay Food Farm program

Norquay, Sask. -

Students from around the Norquay area got a first-hand look at farm life, and its dangers, Wednesday at the Food Farm program at Lindgren Farms.

The event is held semi-annually, once in the spring and again in the fall to give students a holistic look at their work. From planting seeds to harvesting them in the fall, it gives students a chance to participate outside of the classroom.

“We really focus on how the plant grows, what it needs to live, how we’re going to feed the world in the end -- so how we can make plants that are going to thrive throughout the season,” said facilitator Jennifer Lindgren.

“It’s totally important, and what’s so rewarding at the end of the day when we've done this presentation 18 times, it’s so good to see how excited they are. And their faces about what they're learning and what they're going to take home to tell their parents and tell their siblings, and share about agriculture.”

Students also get a first-hand look at farm safety, including live demonstrations of what could happen if they’re not careful on the farm.

Volunteer Chelsie Will took care of the soil health station Wednesday, and was impressed with the Grade 3 and 4 students.

“It’s great to just see the excitement on their faces when they get to come in and physically touch things or feel or touch the animals, or touch the soils or see how plants are grown,” she said.

Around 140 students took part Wednesday.

Norquay, Sask. is about 287 kilometres northeast of Regina. Top Stories


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