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'The house shook': Police cruiser crashes into Regina man's house


A Regina man was in for an interesting awakening after a police cruiser crashed into his house while he was napping on Friday night.

“I had just gotten home from work,” Kris Wiebe said. “Me and the wife were sleeping in bed and then the house shook.”

He said they came running out into the living room, looked through the window and saw the cop car.

“Holy crow, there’s a cop, he ran into our house, right on the corner,” Wiebe recalled.

He said a couple minutes later, there was a huge crowd, and his wife went to check on the officer who hadn’t gotten out of the vehicle yet.

“It appears that somebody decided to make a left turn at this intersection and clip the officer, and the officer decided to use our house to stop,” Wiebe said.

Wiebe said the fire truck came over and closed the street off a couple blocks either way while the investigation was going on.

He said that in his three years of living there, this is not the first time someone has crashed into his house.

“Somebody down the street decided to hit our chain-link fence right into a tree, knocked the tree over, destroyed the fence, so we have experience at this before,” he said.

Wiebe said while there is no structural damage to the inside of the house, the outside now has foundation issues.

“The exterior, right where the eavestrough is, coming down the downspell, it’s rubble right now and there’s definitely a crack going right through into our basement, all the way down into the foundation,” he said.

Wiebe’s neighbour, Derrick Racette, caught the crash on camera and hopes this is a wakeup call for drivers in the area.

“For people who are making left or right turns, or trying to go through an intersection, make sure you’re going across safe,” he said. “It takes seconds for something to happen.”

Around 6 p.m. on Saturday, a release from the Regina Police Service (RPS) said an officer was treated for non-life threatening injuries after a collision which occured on Broad Street and 4th Avenue North.

An officer was responding to a call for service on a vehicle driving dangerously on Rochdale Boulevard and North Arnason Street around 7:23 p.m. on Friday, according to the release.

The police cruiser was travelling north on Broad Street and a vehicle travelling south on Broad Street  turned east on 4th Avenue North, police said. A minor collision occured and police said the driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

Police said the cause of the collision is under investigation and charges are pending.

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