Mosaic Stadium will be rocking this weekend with Garth Brooks taking over the Stadium for two shows on Friday and Saturday night.

“This is gonna be fun, it’s gonna be stupid fun and the fact that we get two runs at it is just gonna make it twice as fun,” Brooks told CTV.

This won’t be Brook’s first time in Saskatchewan, but he said he is excited to play Mosaic Stadium as his first big show in Regina.

“We’re expecting big things, we’re expecting a lot of fun, and whenever there’s fun you can expect [me] to show up cause that’s my favourite thing to do,” said Brooks.

Brooks has been touring stadiums across North America, be he says Regina will be the first stop on the tour with general admission seating on the floor.

“We’re going to have a party in that stadium and just want as many people in there as we can get in there because that’s when it gets fun,” said Brooks.

Brooks said he has a basic set list that includes many fan favourites, but he also does something he likes to call “house cleaning” at the end of his shows.

“It might be your music, might be somebody else’s, but you just go from sign to sign and talk to [the crowd] and just play music,” said Brooks. “It’s my favourite thing, it’s when the whole stadium just shrinks down to a little honky-tonk, so you get the big, and you get the small and everything in between.”

Two Canadian country stars will be joining Brooks for his two shows at Mosaic Stadium, and he said he is excited to spend some time with Brett Kissel and Jesse Labelle.

“I’m gonna enjoy being around these guys, see how they work with the crowd,” said Brooks. “My favourite thing is to watch these guys go out in an arena, now a stadium, and see how they adjust to the size, and see how they keep reaching for those back seats to try and pull them forward.”

With shows on Friday and Saturday night, Brooks said he is looking to make them memorable for everyone in Mosaic this weekend.

“I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna close my eyes and sing with my friends, all my friends, and just turn it up loud, play way too late, have too much fun,” said Brooks. “The thunder’s going to roll no matter what, I guarantee that.

Brooks also said a selection of tickets from both shows that were bought specifically to be resold, have been reclaimed and will be going back on sale on Wednesday.

“For anybody that thought the tickets were gone, some of the best seats in the house are going to come up [on Wednesday],” said Brooks.