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This Sask. man built a Christmas display of 100,000 lights as a fundraiser


A Saskatchewan man is using Christmas lights to get people into the holiday spirit, as well as fundraise for a Regina hospital ward.

Ian’s Christmas Lights, located outside of McLean, Sask., is a mix between nature and festive arrays of shining lights.

The display, now in its seventh year, collectively includes over 100,000 lights.

Ian Moats, the creator of the display, says it all began with a couple trees and has gradually grew.

“The whole purpose of everything is just to make somebody’s day a little bit better,” said Moats.

When Moats’ daughter stayed at a Regina mental health ward, the family realized the facility was in dire need of funding – which is how the fundraiser began.

Now, with the donations made from Ian’s Christmas Lights, the funds are then used to buy various things for the unit, such as hygiene products.

Also, every second Friday, flowers are taken to the ward for each of the patients.

“Arts and crafts, leisure time activities- all supplied by this fundraiser,” Moats explained.

Ian’s Christmas Lights will be open for the month of December, from 6-10 p.m. Top Stories

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