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'We are part of the community': Annual Sikh Day Parade packs Regina streets


The 8th annual Nagar Kirtan Parade packed the streets of Regina on Saturday, bringing the Regina Sikh community and people from surrounding areas together.

The parade kicked off at the Regina Sikh temple, and then eventually made its way down to Wascana Centre.

Once a year during this time, Sikh communities around the world will hold a parade to celebrate Vaisakhi, an important day for Sikhs.

"More important part of this Sikh Day Parade is we show that we are part of the community. We help each other. You see people from all diversity, not just from the Sikh religion, there is people from other communities,” Gurinder Dhillon, a member of the Regina Sikh community, said.

Thousands from around took part in the parade, not just those in Regina, but from all over the province.

“Other parts of Saskatchewan. People came from Edmonton and Calgary,” Dhillon added.

Similar parades were held all over the country, including in Calgary and in Vancouver. Top Stories

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