If you’ve been swatting at more bugs recently, it’s likely due to Regina’s mosquito population skyrocketing as a result of recent rains and heat.

According to the city, right now is peak season for mosquitoes after a slower-than-average start to numbers this year.

On Sunday night the city recorded an average of 106 mosquitoes per trap, compared to an average of just five per trap last week.

"We have been warning residents the mosquitoes are on their way, and they arrived this weekend," said Russell Eirich with the City of Regina. "That was then, this is now, and we've got mosquitoes."

Rainfall followed by a change to warm weather caused the outbreak in the population, as standing bodies of water allow the mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

The city is trying to fight the mosquito problem and has released 10,000 pounds of larvicide to help lessen the impact.

“That amount of product treats approximately 575 CFL-sized football fields,” Eirich said. “That’s how much standing water we have treated over the past three weeks.”

The city is also encouraging residents to empty pails filled by rain, continuing to change and clean bird baths, and dump any other standing water from backyards to help control the number of pests.

With files from CTV Regina's Dominique Head