Evacuees from Pikangikum First Nation have started returned home, according to the Government of Saskatchewan.

Last week, Saskatchewan welcomed 400 people fleeing wildfires from Northern Ontario. They have been staying in the student dorms at the University of Regina.

Many returning evacuees don't know what to expect when they get home.

“I don't know what's going on, I don't know," evacuee Abias Quill said.

When asked if he was concerned, he said “a little.”

Campion College was among organizations on campus providing hospitality as passengers boarded their buses.

“We just bought a lot of TimBits and coffee and there was a group waiting for a bus,” volunteer John Meehan said. “They just appreciated a chance to chat over TimBits and coffee."

Roughly 300 evacuees remain behind at the University of Regina. Their return home could depend on the availability of flights and when their home communities are ready to receive them.