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'Be with people': Sask. seniors gather to celebrate, share secrets of longevity


A group of Saskatchewan seniors all in their nineties make sure to gather every year to celebrate another year of longevity together, no matter when their birthdays fall a day is set aside to get together and reminisce.

They all live independently at a Regina seniors housing complex called Selo Gardens.

Orest Warnyca, who recently retired as the building’s manager said the group is motivating others to hopefully be similar when they reach their golden years.

“For many of us, myself included, I just wish I’d be that healthy and happy when I’m in my nineties. It’s just a great deal so we had a birthday party for all of them.”

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While many experts attribute diet and exercise to living a long life, this group of seniors believe there’s more to it.

“You’ve got to be with people. That’s the secret of living a good healthy long life,” Jean Tomik said.

"We look after each other. You know if somebody needs help we’re there to give a hand,” Dean Coffey said.

It still might not explain why women outnumber men at 90.

“We’re very short of men. I think there’s nine men total in this facility,” Michael Zaleschuk said

Some of the people in the group have theories about why that is.

“I think they worry too [much] about things that women don’t. They just go ahead and do it,” Tomik csaid.

Whatever the secret to longevity may be, this group of seniors seem too busy to worry about it. That too may be part of living a long and healthy life. Top Stories

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