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'Beauty and the Beast' set to take the stage of Regina's Darke Hall


A classic Disney fairy tale is all set to take to the stage of Darke Hall in Regina this weekend.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be presented by the Regina Lyric Musical Theatre Group. Forty local amateur actors have been rehearsing since early February to present the timeless love story.

The original tale was written by a French novelist and was first published in 1740. Most people know the story as an animated Disney movie from 1991.

This production that will be held at Darke Hall is a musical, which will feature 26 songs.

Sydney Ell has been acting since she was three years old and will be playing the character of Belle.

“She falls in love with a beast, so that’s maybe a little different than Sydney would do, but she’s finding that real sense of adventure. She’s such a big dreamer, which I do identify with myself,” Ell said.

Ryan Ramsay will play the character of Gaston.

“I think that most of what you remember from the movie you will see in the musical as well. There are a couple of additional parts,” Ramsay said. “Gaston especially has a lot more to do in the musical. He’s got a couple of songs, outside of the regular one that we all know and love.”

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a fun show for all ages. It opens at Darke Hall on Friday evening. There are matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday. Top Stories

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