CARONPORT, SASK. -- Briercrest College has confirmed one student has tested positive for COVID-19.

The college located in Caronport, Sask. said all students were required to get tested for COVID-19 before classes started, but this student did not receive the test results until after arriving on campus.

"Quickly we put that student into quarantine," Don Taylor, the Provost and Dean at Briercrest College and Seminary, said. "Through tracing, we found out that there was one other student they've been in close contact with. And so that student also went into quarantine."

The College said the two students who are in quarantine will still be attending online classes. It said the 150 seminary students are also doing all their learning online this semester.

While the college requires all students that are capable of being tested for COVID-19 to do so before arriving on campus, it said they do not have to have their results back at that time.

Test results were not a requirement because many students live in provinces that don't allow testing without symptoms.

"A number of regions and provinces were not doing asymptomatic testing they all could not get tested. And so we knew we were going to have a number at least 100 students who were coming out of campus who could not get tested it wasn't possible for them,” said Taylor.

The College and the Saskatchewan Health Authority arranged for the students that were not tested previously, to be tested when they arrived on campus on Monday by public health officials who set up a testing centre in the facility's gym.

Approximately 175 faculty members of Briercrest were also tested at the end of August.

The school of 400 students said it feels confident in the steps it has taken to prevent an outbreak.

"We have physical distancing and mask usage across campus," Taylor said. "We're doing our best to mitigate any kind of risk we can and testing has been a really strong part of our plan to try and catch it before it becomes widespread."

It is also asking all students to limit their travel off-campus and if they do need to go off-campus for supplies, they must wear a mask.

"We're a little bit isolated and we're a little bit more protected from the traffic of the cities and so on," Taylor said. "It allows us to really try and protect our community of students. And this is just one of those pieces that we felt could be really helpful to you know prevent the spread of the virus amongst us."

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation said this case of COVID-19 is concerning because it's so early in the semester.

"I think that's part of why Dr. Shahab has been stressing the fact that communities and parents need to do their part in making sure that our communities are kept safe," Patrick Maze, the President of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, said.

"Then if the safer communities are of course the safer schools will be as well."