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Dubois inquest hears from police, witnesses on day two


An inquest into the 2015 death of Haven Dubois continued on with various experts and witnesses sharing their testimony Tuesday.

A Regina Police Service (RPS) member shared her testimony. She worked as a school liaison officer at Dubois’ high school and took part in early search efforts to find Dubois.

She recalls Dubois’ phone not being found that day, but later discovering it in the possession of Dubois’ close friend.

That same friend was also the one who found Dubois’ belongings and brought them to his house, which set off the possibility Dubios may be in danger.

Two other people who were with Dubois hours before he died also testified. They claimed to have smoked marijuana with Dubois near their school.

They did have different recollections of Dubois’ behavior that day.

One witness said Dubois experienced a panic attack and tried to climb out of the car – while the other said Dubois was his normal self.

A toxicologist also testified, mentioning Dubois did have marijuana in his system but nowhere near dangerous levels.

Concluding the day was testimony from a family friend of Dubois.

She recalled the day of his death, how he was supposed to be on a school field trip and the frantic hours which followed.

The inquiry will be concluding on Wednesday with more witnesses to testify.

It is hopes the inquiry will shed more light on Dubois’ death and the investigation that followed. Top Stories

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