Regina home cook Josh Miller, better known as the Bearded Prairie Chef on MasterChef Canada, fell just short of making the finals in Monday night’s episode.

Miller couldn’t crack the top two this year, finishing his season in third place.

“The journey was just crazy,” Miller told CTV Morning Live on Tuesday. “To be top three in Canada from that aspect is just huge. Thousands of people down to three, I’m super jacked about it.”

It took Miller six years to make the show, and says it was all worth it for the shot to win it all.

“The experience was second-to-none,” he said. “It was something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and the journey was crazy.”

Miller added he appreciated all the support from the province during his time on MasterChef Canada.

“Saskatchewan has been awesome and that’s been part of the journey,” he said. “Sharing Saskatchewan with the rest of Canada and showing how amazing this province is.”

The chef said he wished he could change some things in his final episode. But it was a competition, so someone had to go home at the end, Miller said.

“It was just a great experience for all my family and friends and all of Saskatchewan to get to live that whole journey through me,” he said. “To get those messages back and see people on the street that were just super jacked and proud to see somebody on the show representing Saskatchewan was great.”

Miller hopes to keep his cooking success going through a catering and private dinner party service in Regina.

The final two home cooks will battle it out for the title in the finale of MasterChef Canada next Monday on CTV.