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Here's what to expect as MLAs return for the spring sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature


As MLAs return to the Saskatchewan Legislature – the current state of contract negotiations with the province’s teachers are expected to be a main focus.

On Monday, MLAs will face a teacher protest as they enter the legislative building.

During the first Question Period, the NDP is expected to focus on the government’s refusal to discuss classroom size and complexity at the bargaining table.

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) President Samantha said she plans to attend the question period, weather permitting.

“I’m definitely going to do my best to be down there in Regina and hopefully being able to stand in solidarity with teachers that are down at the legislature and I definitely look forward to hearing what comes through in question period,” she said.

The NDP will also pursue the issue of long waits for health care and repeat calls for cost of living relief.

Saskatchewan’s refusal to collect carbon tax on home heating could end up costing residents more than they will save according to Federal Energy Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.

“The decision not to remit is essentially going to hurt people in Saskatchewan and they will no longer get the rebate. The rebate actually provides more money for most families in Saskatchewan,” Wilkinson said.

University of Regina associate professor of economics Brett Dolter would like to hear the province’s alternative.

“If we aren’t putting a carbon price on natural gas, we’re not really saving any policy in place in Saskatchewan that encourages people to reduce their pollution,” he told CTV News.

“If this is part of the plan, I’d like to see what the alternative option for people to start making their houses more energy efficient.”

The main highlight of the spring sitting will be presentation of a new provincial budget later this month.

Last year’s projected $1 billion surplus is turning into a significant deficit – which will prove to be a difficult base upon which to build an election year budget. Top Stories

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