The Cenotaph in Victoria Park in downtown Regina has been vandalized with graffiti.

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion branch in Regina were out investigating the vandalism, and are disappointed to see people marking the statue.

“I feel that it’s a show of disrespect for those men and women who fought valiantly and gave up their lives,” said Ken Eskdale, president of the branch. “This is a way to honour them and to deface such a monument, I think, is very, very terrible.”

The monument was unveiled in 1926 and was designed by R.W.G Heughan and F.H. Portnall. It commemorates local soldiers killed in combat.

“It’s just sad that (vandals) have to target such important community statues,” Eskdale said. “It doesn’t show a good thing for the city.”

Regina police say they are looking into the vandalism.