REGINA -- Here's a look at what's on the agenda for this week's Regina City Council meeting.

Co-op refinery labour dispute

Ward three councillor Andrew Stevens will move to have Regina City Council call upon the province to “secure an equitable resolution” to the labour dispute at the Co-op Refinery.

In a notice of motion dated for Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Stevens outlined the desire to call on the Provincial Government to use “all of the tools at its disposal, up to and including legislation that allows for binding third party binding arbitration” to help bring the dispute to an end.

Steven cites hardship for businesses, community members, truckers and their employers, Co-op, members of the Unifor local and their families as reason to push to province to help end the dispute.

“Provincial Government has appointed a Special Mediator, Vince Ready, to help resolve the dispute, but without the authority to arbitrate a resolution,” Stevens says in his notice of motion.

Talks between Unifor and Co-op involving Ready as a mediator began on Feb. 18. The two sides were given 20 days to reach an agreement.

Recommendations for the PCC

Ward two councillor Bob Hawkins and Stevens will call upon the Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) to publish a “detailed public consultation plan” regarding the new CNIB / Brandt build in Wascana Park.

The Provincial Auditor made this recommendation to the PCC in December.

In their notice of notion, the councillors outlined that Wascana Centre 2016 Master Plan requires public consultations for amendments to the plan. They say that the CNIB / Brandt building would require a significant amendment.

Maple Leaf Pool

The Finance and Administration Committee will ask council to approve an addition $880,000 in funds for the reconstruction of Maple Leaf Pool.