REGINA -- A man who fired a shotgun at an RCMP vehicle in Carnduff briefly appeared in Estevan provincial court by video Monday morning.

Gary Millions, 65, was being taken back to his home in Carnduff on Sept. 26 at 10:15 p.m after he was arrested and charged earlier for impaired driving and refusing a breath test.

According to RCMP, Millions cooperated as he was taken out of the police car and into his garage.

Things took a turn, after Millions told the officer he had to use the washroom and the officer told him he wasn’t allowed to leave. Millions walked towards a door in the home and then the officer heard the sound of a shotgun being chambered.

The officer drew his pistol as Millions left the room with a shotgun pointed at the ceiling. The officer told him to drop the gun, but instead police say the accused told his wife to open the garage door.

He left the garage and fired at the RCMP vehicle. The officer wasn’t inside the vehicle at the time.

Police say Millions fled, but later walked out of a nearby wooded area without the gun and surrendered.

He remains at Regina Correctional Centre, and will appear again in Estevan Provincial Court on Oct. 21.