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World Hijab Day aims to educate others and end prejudice surrounding Muslim people


Women all over the world are invited to experience the Hijab on Wednesday thanks to a global movement started by a Muslim woman living in New York.

Muslim women are hoping Wednesday, Feb. 1 which is World Hijab day, will help others understand the meaning behind the headscarf.

The Sisters of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) are teaching others how to wrap a Hijab and they’re inviting Canadian women from all cultures and religions to try one. Ammara Syeda said it’s an opportunity to learn.

“You can try a hijab. You can ask us any questions that you might not ask someone on the street who’s wearing a hijab because you might feel a bit hesitant to do that. So this is a safe space to ask any questions about the hijab and try it on for yourself to find out what you look like, what it feels like,” Syeda said.

The Hijab is a visible symbol of the Islamic religion and the hope is this initiative will help end prejudice against Muslims.

The Islamic Circle of North America said the best way to address Islamophobia is through education like World Hijab Day. The Government of Canada is taking steps toward education as well by appointing it’s first ever representative for combatting Islamophobia, Amira Elghawaby.

“It’s really about coming together, promising solutions and ensuring that a Canadian Muslim anywhere in this country can feel safe,” Elghawaby said.

“She’s in one of the highest offices in Canada and she’s working to combat Islamophobia and she wears a Hijab. That has never limited her opportunities,” Syeda said.

According to The Sisters of Islamic Circle of North America, representation is important and non-Muslim women can help make Muslims feel safe by taking a photo in a Hijab and posting it online for everyone to see.

People can visit to find out how to can get a free Hijab in your city.

In Regina, the ICNA Sisters are giving away twenty free Hijabs on World Hijab Day and will also teach you how to put it on. Top Stories

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