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Mysterious cars emerge from massive Regina snow pile


Two cars that have become a curiosity in Regina's north end are slowly emerging from a massive pile of snow as the spring thaw starts in the Prairies.

In January CTV News spoke with a man who identified himself as the owner of the vehicles.

He said he was told to move them within a few weeks’ time as the parking lot was going to be used as a snow dump, but was unable to because he fell ill, ending up in hospital.

The man did not explain how the cars ended up in the parking lot of a vacant building that used to be home to a Sears.

A land title search shows the land is owned by a numbered holding company. A corporate registry search of that numbered company lists Kapil, Tony and Ajay Dilawri as its directors. The Dilawri brothers are the founders of the Dilawri Group of Companies.

CTV News reached out to Dilawri Group of Companies and is awaiting a response.

When the weather eventually melts the remainder of the snow away, Regina auto body mechanic Adrian Winterhalt said it’s likely significant damage will have been done.

“The hood and the roof could definitely be damaged as well as the windshield, with that much weight there’s also a chance the suspension could be damaged,” Winterhalt said.

He said it’s also likely the vehicles would not start if water got into the engine, fuse box, or computer system.

“If they tried to tow them out still partially buried there’s a good chance the pressure from the snow would do lots of damage to the roof, hood and windshield if it hasn’t already,” Winterhalt said. Top Stories

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