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'Put a stop to it': Demonstrators in Regina renew calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Hundreds of supporters gathered on the Legislative grounds calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The gathering was hosted by “Palestine Solidarity in Regina,” and was held in solidarity with similar rallies across Canada.

“It’s everyone in the community coming out and recognizing this is a humanitarian crisis, and we are all responsible to put a stop to it,” said Alex Birrell, of Regina Solidarity for Palestine.

Since the outbreak of violence in Gaza on Oct. 7, concern has been steadily growing in Regina.

Demonstrations have become a mainstay on the legislative grounds. The latest rally on Sunday drew approximately 200 people.

University student, Nimo Hassam is new to the movement and is invested in a peaceful outcome.

“A lot of people don’t know what’s going on in Palestine and they feel like this just started in October,” she said.

“It didn’t, it’s been something that’s been happening for awhile.”

Palestine Solidarity in Regina plans to call on levels of government to work towards a ceasefire.

“There’s a feeling of momentum and there is a feeling of solidarity,” Birrell said.

“There’s a real appreciation for those coming out.”

Rallies were held in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg. Top Stories

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