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Regina General Hospital parkade taking shape with construction on target


The new parkade being constructed at Regina General Hospital is on track to be completed later this year.

“As we’ve seen that growth it’s brought more patients, more staff, more physicians to the site and as the building has grown in footprint, it’s resulted in less space for surface parking lots,” Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Andrew Will said. 

A news release from the province says the structure will start to take shape over the coming weeks, with the framework and daily arrival of large concrete panels up to 60 feet long.

The more than 500 panels will be installed with the aid of a crane the province said.

Once completed there will be a total of 1,005 parking stalls, 873 of those inside the parkade and the remainder as surface stalls, the province said.

“It also creates additional safety for the staff, who work here at this particular facility, making sure that’s a concern they don’t have to worry about. They have plenty of other things to deal with while they’re here at the hospital delivering care to patients across southern Saskatchewan so that’s another important component of this particular project,” Health Minister Everett Hindley said. 

According to the province, that will mean an increase of 686 parking stalls for hospital staff, patients and visitors.

Construction began in the fall of 2023 after initial delays when “anomalies” were found on site.

Those findings ended up being old building materials such as brick, ceramic, fieldstone, glass and mortar and structural debris.

Calls to improve the parking situation have been ongoing for years, with a petition dating back more than a decade to 2011.

-- With files from Hallee Mandryk. Top Stories

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