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Regina Humane Society faces unprecedented number of dogs in shelter care


The Regina Humane Society (RHS) says they are dealing with an influx of dogs arriving at the shelter and are in need of adopters or fosters.

In 2023, the RHS accepted 156 more dogs and puppies than in prior years.

This is a continuing trend into 2024. Forty more dogs are looking for their forever homes.

“We’ve had about eight to 10 per cent more come in year to date than we did last year but the problem that we are finding is they are not going home,” said Bill Thorn, director of marketing and public relations.

The high number of canines at the shelter has a lot to do with housing issues, especially during the pandemic and economic challenges.

“The adoption rate is not keeping up with the number of animals that are coming in and that’s what’s creating our problem. We are encouraging people to adopt if they have been thinking about it. We still want to make sure that they are thinking about the realities of owning a pet,” added Thorn.

The rescue has lowered their adoption rate to $25 for dogs in the hopes it will encourage more people to adopt.

“I really like dogs, I don’t know, I’ve had a dog since I was like six. She’s got the same birthday as me, like we are just two peas in a pod,” said Katie McIntyre, a resident looking to potentially adopt.

A full list of all the available cats and dogs is on the RHS website. Top Stories

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