REGINA -- The Regina police have dismissed Colin Magee from its service.

The former Corporal served nearly 18 years with the service and was charged several times with assault.

In July 2017, Magee was charged with an alleged assault which is said to have occurred while he was on duty in December 2016. These charges were withdrawn after successful mediation.

He was charged again with two counts of assault in April 2019, stemming from incidents that occurred in the stations detention area in September 2018.

One assault involved a 13-year-old boy, the other a 42-year-old man.

Magee pleaded guilty to assaulting the youth and received a conditional discharge and one-year probation.

He was found not guilty in the case involving the adult man.

RPS Chief Evan Bray’s choice to dismiss Magee as unsuitable for service is under Section 60 of the Police Act.

Magee can appeal this decision within 30 days.