REGINA -- The City of Regina is aiming to open the newly renovated Maple Leaf pool on June 14.

A grand opening will be held the following week, likely on June 22.

The city said it is considering all types of programming for the pool, including programming for seniors.

“I encourage people to watch for programming. There might be some drop-in swimming lessons, some equalize, we’ll see, we’re still working on that, but there will be details shared shortly,” Bobbie Selinger, community and recreation programs manager for the City of Regina said. The city is also planning to open spray pads on Friday if the weather allows. Selinger said it’s important to keep provincial health guidelines top of mind.

“Do encourage people to make sure that they are following the gathering restrictions. If a spray pad is busy, please either come back later or look for one that’s not so busy on that day,” Selinger said.