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Sask. Ministry of Highways unveils new ad campaign

Despite the warmer weather in the province this week, treacherous winter driving conditions could be just around the corner.

The ministry of highways unveiled a new ad campaign on Wednesday, including a TV commercial. The message to motorists is to use the Highway Hotline before heading out and make an informed decision as to whether to travel or not.

The ads show how to drive safely near large snow plows. The government wants to keep the motoring public safe, as well as the snow plow drivers. Hundreds of those drivers work to clear snow and ice from roads across the province.

The new 30 second ad will be played in movie theatres and on other platforms.

Snow plow drivers are also the eyes of the Highway Hotline, and see firsthand how quickly winter driving conditions can change.

“We’re out there, we’re changing the road conditions as we’re on the road. Each section of road can change within minutes, really. We’re phoning the Highway Hotline and letting them know its condition, and they’re then putting it on to the app and on to the website,” said Bryan Sherman, equipment officer for the Ministry of Highways.

Snow plows often travel at 60 kilometres per hour or slower while plowing or salting roads. Traffic may back up behind the plows but they will pull over every 10 to 15 kilometres to allow vehicles to pass them by.

Equipment operator Bryan Sherman sits in the cab of one of the 300 Dept of Highways snow plows. (Gareth Dillistone / CTV News)

Tom Lees, assistant deputy minister for the Ministry of Highways said to think of snow plows as any other emergency vehicle on the highway.

If the lights are flashing, and it’s pulled over, you’ll have to slow down and you can’t pass it at a speed greater than 60. If it’s actively plowing, what we ask you to do is slow down, use caution, and pass when it’s safe to do so,” he said. Top Stories

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