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Sask. premier says partial carbon tax pause is an 'admission' it doesn't work


Following an announcement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on affordability measures that included a three-year pause of the carbon tax on home heating oil, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says it’s an admission the tax costs more than it pays.

“After years of telling us that most households are getting more money back than they pay, Trudeau today announced a three-year pause of his carbon tax on home heating oil to make life more affordable, Isn’t that an admission that the Trudeau carbon tax is making life a lot less affordable,” Moe said in a post to X on Thursday.

"Just axe the tax on everyone and everything,” Moe said at the end of his post.

The pause will take effect in two weeks and will also include small businesses. It will apply to all jurisdictions where the federal fuel charge is in effect.

Trudeau also said Ottawa will be increasing the pollution price rebate rural top-up rate from 10 to 20 per cent beginning in April of next year.

Moe along with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith have called on the federal government to make natural gas exempt from the carbon tax as well, saying that’s how the majority of homes are heated in the two provinces.

Smith was said adding the exemption on home heating oil but not natural gas creates further divisions.

The federal carbon tax was first introduced in 2019 for provinces that did not have their own tax or plan to create their own carbon pricing plan.

-- With files from Rachel Aiello and The Canadian Press. Top Stories

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