YORKTON -- The Sask. Party has won the seat in the Parkland region for the fourth term.

Greg Ottenbreit took the Yorkton constituency in a landslide victory against the Sask NDP.

“To actually increase your plurality as we're looking at it right now is something that's pretty impressive I'm really excited. I think it just shows how impressive our team was even the challenges of COVID, and how we have to do things a little bit differently but it's pretty exciting and we're tired but we're happy,” newly re-elected Ottenbreit said.

Ottenbreit's held office since 2007 and in August of 2019, he was appointed Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, and Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency. He previously served as the Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health for five years and has been an advocate for upgrading the Yorkton Regional Health Centre.

“We've got some planning dollars that can go towards the new hospital in the future. We're having a significant renovation through the Yorkton Regional High School, a lot of different things that have been a real honour to take part in, and looking forward to carrying on a lot of those, those projects and reinforcing services and improving services in Yorkton in the next four years,” he said.

Ottenbreit says he’s looking forward to continuing the work he and his team started when he was initially elected.

“Throughout the election it gave us a chance to reflect on what's actually been accomplished here in the last 13 years that I've had the honor to serve as MLA and in a couple of cabinet positions as well," Ottenbreit said.

"Everything from municipal infrastructure projects with the City of Yorkton, fairly significant ones from water treatment to flood mitigation to roads and highways in the area, significant improvements to our health care system in a lot of areas.”

Prior to his time in cabinet, Ottenbreit worked as a Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Social Services, a Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Environment (Recycling), and as a Legislative Secretary to the Premier (Vulnerable Youth).

He also served as Deputy Government Whip, Government Whip, and as a member of the Standing Committee on Human Services. Ottenbreit served as Minister of Rural and Remote Health from September 2014 to August 2019.