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U of R students, staff coordinate in support of ending violence in Gaza, West Bank


A group of students along with faculty members from the University of Regina (U of R) held a peaceful sit-in to show their support for the people of Gaza and the West Bank on Friday.

The day-long event featured speakers, as well as a number of activities including sign making and book reading. A lunch was also provided, as well as time and space for an afternoon prayer.

For the students who participated, they want the public to know the Palestine situation is an important issue within the student body.

“This is not something we can let up on if we want the Palestinian people to be safe and recognized,” said Jetta Triffo, a political science student from the U of R.

“We have to recognize them ourselves, and bring awareness in our communities and the communities outside and off campus.”

Much of the day was coordinated by the students.

Robin Ganev, a professor for the U of R, said it was an meaningful moment seeing students coming together for a just cause.

“Some of these students have connections to the region. Some of these students have family that are affected. They’re doing this because they care,” said Ganev.

While the focus was on the conflict on Gaza, students were able to discuss and include other injustices currently happening now and from the past.

“Selective activism doesn’t really get us anywhere. As the saying goes, ‘we’re not free until we are all free,’ and I think that’s important for us to realize,” said Ali’s Elawad, a science student from the U of R.

The sit-in was in coordination with similar events being held around the world, including Saskatoon.

Encampment events have been happening for the past month across Canada in support of ending the conflict in Palestine. Top Stories

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