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'Unequivocally false': Sask. premier says of legislative Speakers' claims of harassment, intimidation


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says claims of intimidation and harassment by legislative Speaker Randy Weekes are “unequivocally false.”

During closing remarks at Spring Session on Thursday, the outgoing Weekes said numerous Sask. Party members harassed and proceeded to try and intimidate him during his time as speaker.

Weekes specifically signalled out Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison.

According to Weekes, Harrison would text him during debates and question period and also make gestures towards him that included flashing his suit jacket.

Weekes said that made him wonder if Harrison was carrying a handgun after he said it became apparent the Government House Leader had an “obsession with guns.”

According to Weekes, Harrison had expressed an interest in getting approval to carry a handgun with him while in the legislative building and on another occasion brought a hunting rifle with him.

Weekes also pointed to situations where he was texted by MLA Lori Carr and physically intimidated by others at party functions.

Moe, who announced a new advanced education minister on Friday, said he followed up with Harrison after the comments Weekes made on Thursday and determined they are not true.

“I did follow up a little bit with the member that many of the accusations were directed at and I’ve been informed that they are all unequivocally false, unequivocally false,” Moe said.

Moe said Weekes is an individual who was running as a member of the Sask. Party until last December and then after that ended, seemed to raise concerns with other party members in a unique way.

“I don’t quite understand where the concerns are coming from, I don’t discount that maybe the Speaker has some concerns, I just don’t understand how it has not been concerns that have been discussed either with Sergeant at Arms, legislative security, myself, [or] caucus chairs,” Moe said.

According to Moe, the Sask. Party has a caucus management committee that can address “issues” between members of the party.

“The method in which this has all come to a front is just as shocking for me as anyone else and I just don’t have an explanation,” Moe said.

When asked which accusations in particular Moe thought were false, he said he was not referring to the text messages sent to Weekes by Harrison and Carr.

“He told me that the allegations were false,” Moe reiterated.

Harrison, who was supposed to be in attendance at another government event on Friday, was not present. Moe said he wasn’t aware Harrison had an event he was scheduled to be at on Friday and again said he was informed the allegations made by Weekes were false.

“I don’t see a reason for it, I don’t see the reason why someone would want to bring a firearm into the building,” Moe said, adding there are guns already inside the legislative building for security purposes.

“The security personnel carry firearms and Sergeant at Arms has at times carried a firearm as well, so there is ample security in the building,” he added.

“A member of the legislature or a ministry official that might be bringing a firearm into the building, if there’s a reason for it I supposed they could justify that reason, if there’s no reason I don’t feel like they belong in there.”

Moe also said it was not true that Harrison yelled, “Open carry, open carry next” when discussions around firearms acts were being held in the legislature, adding there is currently no government discussions about changing gun laws in the province. Top Stories

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