REGINA -- A woman driving near Moose Jaw captured a rare sight on Tuesday.

Laurel Jenkin videoed a white albino deer just north of Moose Jaw off Highway 2.

"That was such a sight!" she said in a Facebook message to CTV News Regina.

The head of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation lives in the area, and says he hears about sightings of these deer quite regularly, but doesn't believe they're full-blood albinos.

“They seem to have a genetic kick out that makes them a lot lighter in colour,” Darrell Crabbe, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation said. “Almost to a white or a cream colour. So this time of year they don't stand out quite as well as much as they do in June or July but there's certainly a number of them around at Buffalo Pound Lake.”

The white deer was standing on the side of the highway with a group of other deer, before running off into a field.