REGINA -- A new location in Regina is offering bannock burger with all the fixings.

bannock taco

The Moose and Bannock located at Salteaux Crossing on Pinkie Road opened in early February, and is starting to catch local attention.

"The amount of bannock we're selling totally exceeded my expectations,” Len Steinhauer, General Manager of The Moose and Bannock told CTV News. I thought we would be able to do a couple batches in the morning, maybe a couple in the afternoon, but we're making bannock all day long."


Moose and Bannock recently opened in West Regina. (Gareth Dillistone / CTV News Regina)

The location in Regina’s west end specializes in bannock tacos as well as both beef and chicken bannock burgers.

There are varieties of recipes for bannock, but Moose and Bannock serves fried bannock.

fried bannock

The business owners said they knew opening a new business during the pandemic was a risk, but they remain confident in the choice.

"We are pretty positive. We did pretty good research, we did the marketing lessons and we figured out this is the best location for this kind of business,” Fahim Haque, CEO, said.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, their food is only available for pickup and takeout. In the future they are planning for inside eating as well as an outside patio.

A grand opening is being scheduled for later this spring.