Carmichael Outreach is accepting donations of tents to hand out to people in need of shelter.

With a shortage of spaces at local homeless shelters, staff at Carmichael Outreach are collecting tents for people living on the streets.

Executive director Cora Gajari says Carmichael has been forced to turn people away at the end of the day over the past few weeks. She believes a lack of accessible housing has led to more people living on Regina streets.

“We don’t know where to send them where they can be safe,” she said. “So for us, it’s more about them for their safety and their protection and their vulnerability and the preservation of their dignity. At the end of the day, that’s all they’ve got left and we’d like to help them preserve that.”

Tent donations can be made to Carmichael’s temporary location on Sixth Avenue and Rose Street in the old Sears building.

Carmichael Outreach hopes the province and local landlords can help people find a more permanent solution before the winter months.