Since Tuesday, just under 1,900 residents and 70 businesses in Emerald Park have been under a precautionary drinking water advisory.

The advisory is a result of system improvements to the aging infrastructure and pipes at their water treatment plant.

“Our water plant was built in 1989 and some of those pipes are old and rusted,” said Wade Hoffman, manager of public works.

According to Hoffman, the decision to replace the pipes was made in the spring, however, the RM of Edenwold decided to hold off on construction until the fall, when water is not in its peak usage season.

“We did have some small, little pinhole leaks, so the planned change of those pipes is better than having a bust of those pipes in the middle of who knows when,” said Hoffman.

Since the drinking water system became depressurized, Hoffman said the quality of drinking water became uncertain and as a precaution, Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency issued the advisory.

For now, residents and business will run on an alternate water supply. However, the water must be boiled before consumption.

The RM of Edenwold warns the public to not drink from the public water supply and use alternate water sources when needed.